Thursday, June 16, 2005

When you're 90

Another question, inspired by my brother and by profgrrrrl's comment to the 13-year-old question I posed earlier, and because I've enjoyed reading those stories so much.

My brother, a man of great wisdom, has a trick he uses for facing difficult or challenging decisions. Not sure whether to play it safe or take a risk? Imagine yourself, he says, at the age of ninety, looking back on your life, and ask yourself: which thing would you rather have done? It's remarkable how much that kind of perspective helps you get past the things that seem scary.

So as a corollary to the 13-year-old question, I ask you: Imagine yourself at 90, looking back on who you are now. What would your 90-year-old self be most proud of, and what would your 90-year-old self kick your current self in the butt for?

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