Friday, October 12, 2007


FINALLY, it's happened! All these years I've read about pseudonymous bloggers finding connections with each other, being "discovered" (in good ways and bad) by others who know them in real life. I'm fairly careful with my pseudonymity, but I always thought it would be fun to serendipitously meet other people at my institution who blog. Sadly, it seemed that no one did... whenever I read a particularly good piece at Dean Dad's or Maggie's New Kid's or any of the places where I find little gems of commentary on the academic world, I'd face awkward moments of wondering how to work them into conversations with my friends here. "I read this great discussion the other day... do you read academic blogs? No? Well, anyway, it brought up these interesting arguments about tenure..." No one seems entirely confused by references to the blogosphere, but they don't light up in recognition either.

But today I was friended by a colleague on Facebook, a very cool person I've known for several years, and when I went to her profile, I saw a suspicious number of familiar faces, folks I know by different names on their blogs. I thought... could it be? And, in fact, I'd come across a fellow blogger, somebody right here on my campus, and this just tickles me to pieces. She's more identifiable than I am, so I won't name her here, but - hi, friend! :)

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