Saturday, February 09, 2008

Charmed, I'm Sure

So the LWI and I went to a Big Shindig last night. Well, the shindig itself wasn't all that big, but it was attended by lots of Important People. I am not, myself, anywhere near to being an Important Person, but I have a connection to this particular group, just enough to put us in the general circles of Important People milling about before and after the shindig.

At the pre-shindig reception, the LWI noticed an unusually distinguished-looking gentleman strolling through the group, and pointed him out to me. "Look at that guy; have you ever seen anything more aristocratic? He has to be Spanish nobility." And it was true - if it's possible for aristocracy to be etched in a face, this guy had it. In fact, he looked just like a twenty-first century version of this guy.

I went off for a moment to talk to an Important Person who's working with me on the conference I'm organizing later this spring, and when I came back, I was astonished to find the LWI engaged in a delightful conversation with the Spanish Nobleman. He introduced me to His Excellency, who greeted me warmly, gave a gracious little bow, and kissed my hand. I about peed my pants.

Generally I'm a fan of the proletariat; I identify with the common people. But being kissed on the hand by an old-fashioned gentleman? Priceless.

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