Friday, May 09, 2008

Howler of the week

Around here we're all in the last exhausted stages of grading final exams, a process enlightened only by the occasional bizarre goofs or inexplicable misstatements that show up in the essays. So far today the LWI has had Mussolini as a Russian czar, and the Fabians as a bunch of party hounds (something about how they regularly had feasts and celebrations). Last semester's favorite was from a student who somehow conflated the Bourbons and the Huguenots into the Bourbonauts.

For my part, I offer this: "The Scientific Revolution brought about a major change. Researchers were beginning to notice the fact that the sun and all the planets did not revolve around the moon as previously thought."

The LWI, after a moment of stunned silence: "You win."

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