Sunday, September 16, 2012


As I paid bills this morning, I was idly wondering (in that dangerous sort of way) how different my life might be if I took all the money we'd spent on the fuzzy feline roommates over the past 12 years and put it into our retirement account instead.

I know, I know, I shouldn't even go there.  It's not that simple a calculus, and they enrich our lives in innumerable ways - even though I have to shoo one of them off the coffee table every. single. night, and I know perfectly well that he jumps right back up there as soon as I go to bed.

Studies even show that people with pets are healthier:  we have lower rates of depression, lower blood pressure, we suffer less from stress (even with all the times we have to shoo cats off the coffee table).  We probably even live longer.

Which means I'll need to start putting more money into that retirement account...


  1. The cat food fund, we call it. With double intent.

  2. I tell the kids that they're our supplementary retirement fund since the cats and dogs have drained so much of the rest!