Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Pilgrim 99.5: All Memes, All The Time.

Found at frogblog:

Ten Things I've Done that You Probably Haven't (and if you have, do tell!)

1. Been spat upon by an elephant
2. Held Tipper Gore’s hand
3. Edged my right foot into Burma (the guys with machine guns wouldn’t let me go any farther)
4. Made a rocket in my kitchen (although that wasn’t really on purpose)
5. Exploded a kite
6. Picked a guy up in a bar by starting an argument about seventeenth-century art (we ended up dating for several months)
7. Walked 300 miles across Spain
8. Ate grasshoppers (mmm, crunchy!)
9. Was questioned by security guards as a possible terrorist – long before September 11
10. Called the Pope to wish him a happy new year (okay, we didn’t actually talk to the pope, but we did talk to some nice folks in the Vatican. And yes, we were a little drunk.)

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