Saturday, October 08, 2005

Pilgrim needs...

The "needs" meme, as seen at Wolfangel and Badger's. This was entirely too entertaining, but to avoid providing phrases that would make my name googleable, I did the search with my pseudonym.

Aside from the usual sorts of phrases you'd expect from a "pilgrim" search, like "pilgrim needs a good map," I discovered the following:

Pilgrim needs to back off he ain’t got no street cred
Pilgrim needs at least a DirectX8.1 compatible graphics card (that explains a lot)
Pilgrim needs fencing for his turkey coop
Pilgrim needs a pure heart and lawfully earned money
Pilgrim needs eggs
Pilgrim needs experienced hands, She is a fine ship, and fast!
Pilgrim needs an infusion of some $225 million (that, indeed, would be helpful)
Pilgrim needs to lay that burden down
Pilgrim needs a listening place
Pilgrim needs to really trust you
Pilgrim needs practice in skipping and hopping (my favorite!)

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